Your Harrisburg, Hershey, Carlisle, Middletown and Palmyra area home may be losing a great deal of heat to the outside through myriad little holes and cracks that cause uncomfortable drafts and give heat an easy way out. This is something you can do yourself: go to your local hardware or home goods store, and ask them for the right product (caulking, weather stripping or other types of sealants) to use to seal drafts. If you’re diligent, finding drafts is fairly easy: just feel your way around every window and door. Hold a lightweight ribbon between your fingertips, and wherever it flutters, that’s the offending hole or crack. If you don’t take your window air conditioners out in the winter, seal them up with plastic – you can buy window insulation kits very inexpensively. You just tape the plastic on and use a blow dryer to heat it until it shrinks tightly to the air conditioner. The idea is to neatly plug up anywhere that cold is getting in. Your Harrisburg, Hershey, Carlisle, Middletown and Palmyra area home will be more comfortable, you’ll save lots of money on your energy bills, and you’ll extend the life of your home heating system by not making it have to work extra hard to heat your home to the temperature you desire. If you’re unsure how to do this or you’re still feeling drafts when you thought you’d gotten them all, a licensed CROH Heating & Air technician may be able to help.